About me

For many people, the step into psychotherapy is not an easy one. Talking to a complete stranger about your most personal experiences often takes a lot of effort. I believe in honoring your unique experiences and goals, tailoring our sessions to meet your needs. 

As a psychological psychotherapist (specializing in behavioral therapy), I offer you scientifically based psychotherapy. I strive to create a safe and trusting space in the therapy room where the focus is on the individual with their own personal wishes and boundaries. The aim is to work together to develop an understanding of current problems and desires for change. In addition to classic behavioral therapy methods, I also use emotion-focused and integrative methods of the so-called third wave of behavioral therapy (e.g. schema therapy).

Academic path

  • Study of Psychology at Universität zu Köln (B.Sc. Psychology)
  • Study of Psychology at Universität Trier (M.Sc. Psychology)
  • Approbation as a Psychological Psychotherapist with a focus on behavioral therapy
  • Member of Psychotherapeutenkammer NRW
  • Entry in the KV-Nordrhein medical register
  • Ongoing training in the advanced training series “Special Trauma Therapy” of the German Society for Psychotrauma Therapy (DeGPT)

Professional path

  • Research assistant at the Institute for Clinical and Biological Psychology at the University of Trier
  • ProMedik Reha & Prevention in Hürth: Orthopaedic department
  • Bundeswehr Central Hospital Koblenz: Center for Mental Health
  • SiegReha Hennef: Psychosomatic department
  • Collaboration in the coordination of the training series
    “Special psychotrauma therapy” at APP Köln
  • Outpatient psychotherapeutic work at APP Köln
  • Institute for Psychological Accident Aftercare and Health Promotion (ipu/ipg), Köln
  • Establishment in a joint practice on Hohenzollernring